Paranirvana Ceremonies of Chagdud Rinpoche


November 15th and 16th ∞ Chagdud Gonpa Khadro Ling

This represents an auspicious occasion to share stories and memories of Rinpoche, to celebrate what we have accomplished as his waves of blessing have rippled through time and space, and to rejoice that his incarnation has been found and is receiving training in Tibet.

Vajrakilaia Drubchen and rare transmissions

Jigme Tromge Rinpoche

January 31st to February 8th 2015

During the annual Vajrakilaya Drubchen at Khadro Ling, Jigme Tromge Rinpoche will offer transmission of a rare extensive commentary written by Khenpo Ahchö, who attained rainbow body in 1998.

P’howa Training and Vajrasattva Purification


Knowledge, Wisdom, and Joy Gathered During Carnival Time.
Chagdud Khadro will lead a four days training on the practice of P´howa and one day of Vajrasattva practice before losar, Tibetan New Year.

Video: Building the Garden


This Tara Garden arose from an aspiration and has generated a life of its own. So many people have made offerings of talent and money, and even the workers seem inspired! Each step of the construction brings new vistas. May sacred connection to our 21 Noble Ladies, the Arya Taras, enhance the joy and inner peace of all who have offered and all who will visit.
Chagdud Khadro.

Garden of the 21 Taras


The long-planned Garden of the 21 Taras at Chagdud Gonpa Khadro Ling is manifesting now, and the beautiful stone-carved deities should soon find their appropriate environment. They will be arranged in a mandala surrounded by a garden of flowers and flowering trees beside Khadro Ling’s main temple. Gochen Sang-ngak Rinpoche consecrated the site, and we hope that Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche will be able to consecrate the completed installation in June. ∞ More