Akshobhya Buddha in Brazil

Akshobhya sponsorship

In Brazil: R$345 for 100,000 Akshobhya mantra recitations.
R$110 Akshobhya tile installed on the back of the Akshobhya statue’s throne.
In Asia: Through the

Bank information in Brazil

Chagdud Gonpa Brasil, Bank Banco do Brasil, branch 1380-3, account number 3583-1. CNPJ: 00990708 – 0001/37
After you make the deposit, it is essential that you send us a confirmation by e-mail: [email protected].

Sometimes we experience intense despair when we contemplate the suffering and violence that arises from anger and hatred, confusion and fear. We long to purify our own negativity and to release those whom we care about from negative circumstance.

The Buddha Akshobhya established the intention that sentient beings should be able to purify even extreme nonvirtue and escape the terrible circumstances that arise from harming others and taking life. Most of us have taken life, if not in our present lifetime, in previous ones. The karma that follows can involve illnesses, accidents, violence, and untimely death. If we know someone has had an untimely or inauspicious death, we can cut the negative karma through Akshobhya practice.

The Buddhist teachings indicate that death during the passage toward birth (by miscarriage or abortion), death before adulthood, violent or fearful death, and suicide are signs that the deceased is having difficulties in obtaining fortunate, spiritually endowed rebirth. To alleviate such circumstances, Akshobhya promised that whoever generated merit by reciting 100,000 of his long mantra and sponsoring a sacred image of him would find release from lower states of existence and liberation into a fortunate rebirth. The Akshobhya’s intention applies even to those who died long ago.

Practitioners can perform Akshobhya meditation and purification rituals for themselves and for others. To practice for others, we carry out the steps of the Akshobhya liturgy, and at its conclusion, we dedicate the virtue to them. However, because Akshobhya’s mantra is long and 100,000 recitations can take some weeks, many practitioners sponsor the recitation for themselves or those for whom they are concerned.

Akshobhya Buddha

People also sponsor Akshobhya for their pets or for animals they may have killed while driving or in other circumstances. Animals can find release from the suffering of the animal realm through Akshobhya.
H.E. Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche established Akshobhya practice in Brazil by creating an enormous statue of the buddha at Khadro Ling. The statue is now surrounded by a beautiful garden. Rinpoche also personally sponsored a huge Akshobhya prayer wheel. An annual Akshobhya retreat is one of Khadro Ling’s most inspiring events. It is lead by a practitioner who has practiced Akshobhya full-time for years.

Sponsoring an image of Akshobhya is accomplished through a tsa-tsa, which is an image on tile. A Bhutanese artist created the master tsa-tsa from which the tiles were produced in a lovely blue. Chagdud Rinpoche instructed that they should be installed on the back of the throne. The cost of the tiles also supports the maintenance of the statue and its gardens.

To sponsor recitation and/or an image in Brazil, send your name, and the name, age, and circumstances of death (if, in fact they are deceased) of the person or animal for whom you are sponsoring the practice. If possible, send a photograph (max file size 1Mb). The email should be sent to [email protected].