Chagdud Khadro writes about the Seven-Line Prayer Accumulations and Jamgön Mipham Rinpoche

Dear Sangha,

Our Chagdud Gonpa community serves as a force for inner peace and outer equanimity during extraordinarily turbulent times in South America and the world. We can enhance our power of benefit through making our own pure intention interdependent with the enlightened intention of Guru Padma Jungney, the Lotus-Born One–Guru Rinpoche. His promise is to respond to whoever invokes his blessing, and especially when the invocation includes the Seven-Line Prayer and the Vajra Guru Mantra.

At Khadro Ling, April 21-24 has been dedicated to recitations of the Seven-Line Prayer. You are welcome to participate for any number of sessions or days. Our accumulations will be in the context of the Shower of Blessings sadhana, which does not require empowerment because you meditate in your normal form with Guru Rinpoche in front. Here we will close the event with a tsok, but it is also auspicious to dissolve the visualization, meditate, then conclude with the sadhana’s dedication prayers.

The Shower of Blessings was composed as a Guru Yoga by the 19th-century master, Jamgön Mipham Rinpoche. Mipham was superb in both his meditative realization and his scholarship. His scholarly endeavors invigorated the Nyingmapa and provided a legacy of lucid writings, a number of which have been translated into English. Next year we plan to organize an online study course of Mipham’s works. The plan is not so much a philosophical shedra course as a dynamic erudite book discussion group that inspires deep study and contemplation of Mipham’s approach. We also hope to bring more of his works into Portuguese and Spanish.

I have been fortunate to receive input regarding the course from several very intelligent and well-read Brazilians, and a lively discussion has already begun. We would welcome your contribution, both about the content of the course and the technology to put it online. Send it to [email protected]. The plan includes inviting, at intervals when our reading and preparation are sufficient, Tibetan khenpos and rinpoches to give Mipham intensives.

Meanwhile, accumulations of the Seven-Line Prayer, especially using Shower of Blessings, establishes a firm foundation for next year’s program. Keep count and send the total accumulations to [email protected]. Before next Losar, the Chagdud Gonpa sangha’s accumulations will be added to those of Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche’s. Rinpoche encourages us to manifest one hundred million recitations in Monkey Year.

With respect and all best wishes,
Chagdud Khadro