Dream Yoga retreat

  • With: Lama Tsering Everest
  • Date: September 07th to 12th

In this retreat, we will receive teachings and practice over the course of five days, under the direction of Lama Tsering Everest, who is recognized for her realization in this practice. These teachings bring us a revealing view of life and help us deal better with the day-to-day situations that, depending on the day, make us panic or make us laugh, leave us in despair or strengthen us.

Dispelling the illusions fabricated by the mind and eliminating habits that lead us to suffering is difficult but possible – Dream Yoga is an extremely efficient practice to help us in this task.

As well, Dream Yoga is supports liberation at the time death and afterward. If we recognize the dream-like quality of dying, we have less fear. If we learn to meditate in the dreams at night, we should be able to meditate in the transitions of death. It is said that if one has accomplished lucid dreaming through Dream Yoga training, then even in the bardo of becoming, as we move toward karmic rebirth, we can recognize the similarity of the bardo to the dream state and direct our minds toward refuge and liberation.

For further details and registration please write to [email protected]