Saving Lives Ceremonies

By saving the lives of birds, fish, and deer or thieves, snakes and others to be killed, your present life will be extended, even if it would otherwise be short.

Ngagi Wangchuk Drakpa

Rigdjed Ling – Florianópolis

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Ruth Guimarães – Maceió

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Ruth Guimarães
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Saving Lives Ceremonies

In Brazil two Chagdud Gonpa sanghas perform saving lives ceremonies extensively: and with Ruth Guimarães in Maceió. To increase own longevity and well-being for ourselves or for others, no practice is more reliable than saving the lives of others. All the sutras and tantras agree on this point, and whoever has performed such a ceremony directly experiences the joy of releasing back into its habitat an animal that otherwise would be slaughtered, boiled, or preyed upon as bait.

Various sadhanas can be used to support the ceremony. The dedication is especially important, in order that the merit of the ceremony helps to counteract the karmic seeds for illness and a short life. We should include the names of persons for whom we are sponsoring. Below is a dedication prayer, adapted from the life-saving ceremony of Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo.

Dedication Prayer

From the virtuous roots of this practice, may the virtuous roots gathered throughout the three times make the Buddha´s teachings prosper and bring forth immense virtuous goodness in the world. May the lives of all sublime people who uphold the Dharma be long and steadfast, and may their activities flourish. May I and all sentient beings, especially [the name of the person who sponsors the ceremony or for whom the ceremony is being sponsored], have increased life-span and merit, splendor, prosperity and wisdom. May these animals too be freed from the fears of samsara and the lower realms, and soon attain the precious state of enlightenment.